Become an official donor of the Black Women's Convention

Join us at ANWO's Black Women's Convention on July 10-11, 2021.

African women must not only see our future as African people but also define it. Under African Internationalism, women must lead. Donations to the African National Women's Organization support the convention and the work necessary to bring African women throughout the diaspora to revolutionary work.

Resources raised helps support our projects, and plant the seed for our national headquarters. Our national headquarters will be the global unified hub of African revolutionary women where we can centralize the work that includes political education, political action, and economic development projects.

ANWO believes and works to overturn the special oppression of African women all over this world, and are the equal partners and leaders in the building of the African Workers’ State. United dollars are fists for the voice of African women empowerment. See our donation levels and special gifts with donations.

One Voice Many Fists!