Do I have to be a member of ANWO to attend this event?

No.  Any person who wants to attend can do so as long as they register.

Is this event strictly for Black Women?

Our target attendees are black women and femmes. However, others can attend if you have solidarity with and/or work with black women and femmes and want to learn about the issues black women and femmes are leading in order to offer your alliance and support. You should indicate your nationality and gender on the registration form.  The Black Women's Convention reserves the right to cap non-black participant registrations, at any time.

Why is this a socialist event?

ANWO is a socialist African women's organization that believes that the means of production should be owned and controlled by the workers in Africa and African communities everywhere. We believe that social control and ownership will bring about improved conditions for black people and black women and femmes in particular. Our convention, topics, and events are focused on preparing ourselves and other black women and femmes for a future where black women workers have power.

Is this a feminist event?

No. ANWO is an African Internationalist organization and believes that African Internationalism offers us a path toward true women's liberation. This is the guiding theory of our work and of this event program. However, feminists are welcome to attend.

Do I have to be a socialist or know about African Internationalism to attend this event?

No. Come as you are.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Cancellation is allowed for in-person tickets up to 21 days prior to the start of the Convention.

Refund Structure:

If canceled by December 31, 2023 100%

If canceled by January 31, 2024 50%

If canceled by March 1, 2024 25%  

How do I support this event?