Panel/Workshop Leaders

Yejide Orunmila

President of the African National Women's Organization

Yejide Orunmila is the President of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), an international organization founded by the African People’s Socialist Party in March 2015 to address the specific oppression that African women face as a result of colonial domination.
As President, Yejide is responsible for the international growth of ANWO by creating initiatives that respond to the economic, social conditions that remove African women from revolutionary political life.
Under her leadership, ANWO has built branches and established membership in the United States, Africa and Europe.
Through Yejide’s travels to Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and within the borders of the United States; she has seen the effects of colonialism on African people and the specific oppression that African women face and is committed to help organize and destroy barriers to the full participation of our women in the Revolution.
ANWO has been organizing against the state sponsored kidnapping of African children and criminalization of African parents through its campaign ArrestCPS; Black women and their relationship to the Prison system as prisoners and as supporters of incarcerated persons, anti-African dress code policies in schools, and horizontal violence.
Yejide is the creator of ANWOs DeColonaise: Hair and Body skincare brand which is the organization’s main economic development project. DeColonaise’s products remedy everything from dry skin to eczema. The brand uses quotes on its packaging to encourage conversations about wellness and freedom.
Yejide is the mother of an amazing young woman and resides in the Washington D.C. metro area.

Omali Yeshitela

Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party (APSP)

In the heat of revolutionary struggle and during his early years as a political prisoner, Yeshitela was driven to discover the reasons why black people all over the world are impoverished and oppressed. Yeshitela developed the political theory of African Internationalism that understands the world through the eyes of the African working class. Yeshitela contends that the leading force of struggle is the African and oppressed working class throughout the world against “parasitic capitalism,” embodied in U.S. and Western imperialism built on enslavement, genocide and colonialism.
In 1968 Chairman Yeshitela founded The Burning Spear newspaper that continues to be published today. Throughout the years Yeshitela has authored numerous books, pamphlets and articles, including his latest book, Vanguard: The Advanced Detachment of the African Revolution.
In 1972, Yeshitela formed the African People’s Socialist Party which he chairs. He built the worldwide Uhuru Movement and the African Socialist International with branches now active in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean and on the continent of Africa.
Yeshitela's African People's Socialist Party created the African National Women's Organization (ANWO) as a vehicle for African women to contend against the special oppression faced under modern colonialism.

Tiffany Murphy

APSP USA Interim Northern Regional Coordinator

Akile Anai'

Director of Agitation and Propaganda for the African People's Socialist Party (APSP)

Akilé Anai sits on the APSP's National Central Committee as the Director of Agitation and Propaganda. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Party's journal, The Burning Spear and leads the institutions responsible for the creative and massive distribution of the Party's theory of African Internationalism, including through Burning Spear Publications, radio stations, website and social media development and much more.

Kalambayi Andenet

President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM)

Kalambayi Andenet is a lifelong resident to the Saint Louis, MO area. She is a tireless organizer, fearless warrior, and courageous defender of the African poor and working class. Kalambayi divides her time between her two greatest passions: African Liberation and revolutionary fashion.
She has served as the international president of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) since 2014 which has membership in Africa, the U.S., and Europe. She is also the Chairwoman and driving creative force behind UZI Custom Clothing.
She is the mother of two beautiful little girls.

Connie Hutchison

ANWO Occupied Azania (South Africa)

Connie Hutchison was born and bred in the colony of South Africa, in a typical marginalised working-class household. She is a 21-year-old African working-class woman who is still residing in South Africa. Connie was introduced to the African People’s Socialist Party in 2018 at Braamfontein at the time Chairman Omali Yeshitela visited the comrades in South Africa.
She became the Director of Agitation and Propaganda in the Party after the six-month probation period. Connie got exposed to the African National Women’s Organization in the Party as it is a constituent organization of the Party. The party received a call to build the organization if the circumstances allowed us to, from our President Yejide Orunmila, with the permission of the Party the call was answered.
Through the teachings of African Internationalism Connie understands the importance of African Women's liberation as a prerequisite to truly make the African Revolution a success.

Elikya Ngoma


Elikya Bwanya Ngoma is a member of the African People’s Socialist Party and African National Women’s Organization. Under the leadership of Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Elikya has written and composed music and anthems for the Uhuru Movement such as the Anthem of the African Nation, the Uhuru Medley and the African Nation Fight Song, which she will be performing.

Malika Zyaire Alexander

APSP USA Midwest Regional Coordinator

Malika Zyaire Alexander is an African Woman on the forefront in the fight for the liberation and empowerment of African Women worldwide. A member of ANWO for 3 years, she has led the ArrestCPS campaign and as the wife of a formerly incarcerated man, is passionate about FACEOFF, ANWO's campaign for families affected by mass incarceration. She is the Midwest Region Representative for the African People's Socialist Party. Malika is a wife, mother and Revolutionary!

Queen IndigoX


Indigo Alexander is a mother of 2 boys, a Poet, Song Writer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Jewelry Maker, a proud member of ANWO and APSP. I am someone who came into ANWO through my mother. She always knew that I am that type of individual that wants to change this world, so she suggested that I read about ANWO and I found that there is an organization that really represents the change that I wish to see. Everything I do for ANWO is for the future. I am happy to be able to use my skills for good, for freedom. I want us to have more than just Juneteenth. I'm working for our UHURU DAY. I appreciate being a part of this wonderful organization that represents strong beautiful Black/African Women as leaders. Leading by example. I will continue to do my part because I want to be able to say I'm involved in the change for our future.

Christina Lares

Mujer Committee - Union del Barrio

Unión del Barrio is an independent political organization with the goal of building a peoples organization capable of promoting and defending the human rights and class interests of la raza within the political borders of the US. Shortly after the founding of Unión del Barrio in 1981, mujer members began discussions to explore their unique oppressions and the importance of women taking leadership within the movement. In 1993, Unión del Barrio founded the Women's Commission and created a 10 point platform to guide the liberation of raza women. We recognize that our struggle is part of a global struggle of bold and resilient mujeres who are leading the charge to dismantle and destroy the source of our collective subjugation – capitalist imperialist white supremacy, and its exploitation of our bodies and of our land. Unión del Barrio insists that without the full participation and leadership of revolutionary women, there will be no victory in revolutionary struggle.

Nontsikelelo Buzo

African National Women's Organization (South Africa)

Pauline Dixon

African National Women's Organization

Robin Harris

Activist/ANWO Member

Robin is a social justice Activist, writer, tour guide/ history enthusiast, and Public Speaker

Texas Native, Robin currently lives in Florida where she fights alongside other activists. She has spoken at several press conferences, forums, and rallies. She also organizes and assists in many community events. Civil Disobedience is also accredited to her. Approximately one month after the horrific shooting at Pulse night club in Orlando, Fl, Robin along with 9 others were arrested at Marco Rubio's office. Robin and 23 other activist were arrest in Tampa Florida during a protest for economic and wage rights! Robin and 23 others were arrested in Washington D.C. in front of the White House protesting against Trumps administration Healthcare policy.

Robin is Co-Co Chair of State of Florida Green Party and Council Member State/National. She also member Co -Chair of the Green Party Black Caucus, She continues to speak up for racial justice and against all types of discrimination and intersectional issues. She recently became the Director of the Florida Now Racial Justice Task Force. She also leads the Black Agenda Working Group.

Robin has lobbied in Washington D.C. and Tallahassee, Florida. Currently she has launched socio-political forums that engage conversation within the local community. Robin ran for County Commissioner District 6 in Orlando, Fl. She did not win but was able to gain 25% of the vote. More recently She obtained a tour guide license for St. Augustine, Florida with hopes to extend tours and education internationally. Also, she is working with several coalitions to educate many on Reparations and H.R.40.

Hada Dioula Longi

African National Women's Organization

Najah Fleary

DeColonaise Hair and Body

Najah Fleary is a pre-nursing student interning with ANWOs DeColonaise Hair and Body project as the Social Media Intern. At 23, Najah is also the CEO of EnVane Apparel Company which is an online retail store that caters to young women.

Bakari Olatunji

APSP USA Western Regional Coordinator

Sayi Kamba

African National Women's Organization

Sayi Kamba is the Director of Membership and Recruitment for the African National Women's Organization. In this position she is responsible for the growth of ANWO and the development of it's membership.
In addition to her role in ANWO, she is the Deputy Director of Operations and Chief of Staff for New Voices for Reproductive Justice. With over 15 years of management and business analyst experience, Carmen oversee the entire operations of our organization including staff management and supervision, fiscal management, oversight and coordination, human resources, facilities management, information technology including database management, program management and outcomes-based movement-building.
Sayi began working with New Voices for Reproductive Justice in 2014 when she led our community organizing efforts on health care access, LGBTQ+ rights and ending gender-based violence specifically sexual assault. Carmen then went on to successfully build the Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE) program, Voice Your Vote! Project™, initiated in 2014 with our phone bank targeted to Black women and Black LGBTQ+ people during the first Affordable Care Act Marketplace open enrollment period. As a result of her exemplary leadership, the IVE program continues to thrive outreaching over 300,000 times to our voter universe in Pennsylvania and Ohio and replicating our IVE program in Cleveland and Philadelphia. In 2016, Carmen was instrumental in the passage of a City of Pittsburgh ordinance to implement the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) which established the city’s Gender Equity Commission, one of the few in the nation.

Vichelle Dixon-Trader

African National Women's Organization

Kobina Bantushango

APSP USA Southern Regional Coordinator

Dr. Michelle Strongfields

IAMM Science Education Group

Michelle Strongfields, MD, is Founder and Director of IAMM Science Education Group, working to increase representation of ethically trained, community focused Black and Brown youth in the sciences. She has more than 40 years experience as an educator, physician and health care advocate, seeking the elimination of all health inequities.

Dr. Strongfields’ recent focus is examining the impact of food insecurity on the health in Black and Brown communities, and developing strategies to combat them.

Dr. Strongfields has trained and worked in the US, Cuba, South America, Africa and throughout the Caribbean, preparing Community Health Workers in the United States and abroad and is associated with the Health Committee of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Program, (AAPDEP), led by Dr. Aisha Fields, PhD.

Dr. Strongfields believes physical, mental and spiritual health to be a divine human right.

FoFeet Alkebulan

InPDUM / Uzi Custom Apparel

St. Louis born FoFeet not only serves as the international economic development coordinator for the international people’s Democratic Uhuru movement (InPDUM), she also serves as the manager for InPDUM’s primary economic development institution- UZI Custom Apparel

Penny Hess

African People's Solidarity Committee

Penny Hess is the Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC). The African People’s Solidarity Committee organizes in the white community for white reparations to African people, working under the direct leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, an organization led by Chairman Omali Yeshitela that is working for the liberation of Africa and African people everywhere. Penny is the author of the book Overturning the Culture of Violence, which addresses white people’s relationship to enslavement and genocide using the Party’s theory of African Internationalism.

Simone Toomer



Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Certified Lactation Counselor

Certified Breastfeeding Counselor

La Leche League Leader

Chocolate Milk Cafe Facilitator

Infant Sleep Educator

Alexandria Myles


Alexandria Myles supports women who want spiritually holistic support before, during, and post pregnancy .

She is a mother of three and understands firsthand the fears and stress that comes with working to conceive and the trials of pregnancy. She wants every mother to enter their pregnancy with the confidence that she is in tune with her womb and her baby.

Chanel Porchia Albert

Ancient Song Doula Services

Chanel L. Porchia Albert CD, CPD, CLC, CHHC is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ancient Song Doula Services; A reproductive health organization focused on providing resources and full-spectrum doula services to women of color and marginalized communities throughout NYC and northern New Jersey. Her work within infant and maternal health have led her across the globe to Uganda where she has served as a maternal health strategist in rural war-torn areas.

Her work in birth and reproductive justice continues to span into the research and methods of care of marginalized people and people of color bringing a human rights framework into birthing rooms and beyond into institutional reform and accountability measures within healthcare to address implicit bias and racism. Chanel and Ancient Song's work has been featured on CNN’s Champions for Change, the cover of Working Mother Magazine, NY Times, SELF Magazine and most recently NowThis and Vogue Magazine. When she is not working on legislative policy or facilitating workshops, you can find her spending time with her six children.