Yejide Orunmila

President of the African National Women's Organization

Yejide Orunmila is the President of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), an international organization founded by the African People’s Socialist Party in March 2015 to address the specific oppression that African women face as a result of colonial domination.
As President, Yejide is responsible for the international growth of ANWO by creating initiatives that respond to the economic, social conditions that remove African women from revolutionary political life.
Under her leadership, ANWO has built branches and established membership in the United States, Africa and Europe.
Through Yejide’s travels to Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and within the borders of the United States; she has seen the effects of colonialism on African people and the specific oppression that African women face and is committed to help organize and destroy barriers to the full participation of our women in the Revolution.
ANWO has been organizing against the state sponsored kidnapping of African children and criminalization of African parents through its campaign ArrestCPS; Black women and their relationship to the Prison system as prisoners and as supporters of incarcerated persons, anti-African dress code policies in schools, and horizontal violence.
Yejide is the creator of ANWOs DeColonaise: Hair and Body skincare brand which is the organization’s main economic development project. DeColonaise’s products remedy everything from dry skin to eczema. The brand uses quotes on its packaging to encourage conversations about wellness and freedom.
Yejide is the mother of an amazing young woman and resides in the Washington D.C. metro area.

Omali Yeshitela

Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party (APSP)

In the heat of revolutionary struggle and during his early years as a political prisoner, Yeshitela was driven to discover the reasons why black people all over the world are impoverished and oppressed. Yeshitela developed the political theory of African Internationalism that understands the world through the eyes of the African working class. Yeshitela contends that the leading force of struggle is the African and oppressed working class throughout the world against “parasitic capitalism,” embodied in U.S. and Western imperialism built on enslavement, genocide and colonialism.
In 1968 Chairman Yeshitela founded The Burning Spear newspaper that continues to be published today. Throughout the years Yeshitela has authored numerous books, pamphlets and articles, including his latest book, Vanguard: The Advanced Detachment of the African Revolution.
In 1972, Yeshitela formed the African People’s Socialist Party which he chairs. He built the worldwide Uhuru Movement and the African Socialist International with branches now active in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean and on the continent of Africa.
Yeshitela's African People's Socialist Party created the African National Women's Organization (ANWO) as a vehicle for African women to contend against the special oppression faced under modern colonialism.

Rose Marie Bey


Rose Marie Bey, life recovery expert, author, and “hood healer,” is healing the world from F-Boy trauma one sister at a time. Inspired by the recent spike in black female disappearances and homicides (known as “black femicide”), Bey, was inspired to take a careful look not at the violence itself, but instead examine the root cause — the toxic dynamic between black male and female relations within the black community fueled by what she calls “F-Boy Culture.” Upon her discovery of this subculture, she was divinely inspired to write her third book entitled, “Just Focus on Yourself, Sis: 10 Days, 10 ways to Recover from and Repel F-Boy Energy.” Bey wrote the book from scratch in just 14 days and hasn’t looked back.

She has since hit the speaking circuit spreading the message of black female empowerment, accountability, and healing. “Just give me 10 days, and I’ll give you the building blocks for an entirely new outlook and life…” she proclaims. Each day builds on the wisdom of the last, covering thought-provoking, transformational topics like “Forgiving Your Father, the First F-Boy You’ve Ever Loved”, “Preparing For Your Best Love”, and “Audit Your Tribe.” She leaves no stone unturned.

Bey is a proud millennial, wife-in-waiting, mother, 3x author, and self-proclaimed "hood evangelist.”

She’s on a mission to heal broken hearts, repair broken identities, love society’s forgotten, and challenge the philosophy of the millennial generation. She can be found traveling the Midwest educating and equipping audiences with the technology needed to break toxic generational cycles and remove cultural limitations. Bey does all of this under the umbrella of her organization The Life Recovery Project.

Akile Anai'

Director of Agitation and Propaganda for the African People's Socialist Party

Akilé Anai sits on the APSP's National Central Committee as the Director of Agitation and Propaganda. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Party's journal, The Burning Spear and leads the institutions responsible for the creative and massive distribution of the Party's theory of African Internationalism, including through Burning Spear Publications, radio stations, website and social media development and much more.

Kalambayi Andenet

President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement

Kalambayi Andenet is a lifelong resident to the Saint Louis, MO area. She is a tireless organizer, fearless warrior, and courageous defender of the African poor and working class. Kalambayi divides her time between her two greatest passions: African Liberation and revolutionary fashion.
She has served as the international president of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) since 2014 which has membership in Africa, the U.S., and Europe. She is also the Chairwoman and driving creative force behind UZI Custom Clothing.
She is the mother of two beautiful little girls.

Dr. Aisha Fields

Director, All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP)

Dr. Aisha Fields is an applied optical physicist and International Director of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP). As the AAPDEP Director, Aisha serves on the National Central Committee of the African People’s Socialist Party.

Aisha has helped to organize and coordinate AAPDEP’s community-based health care, agricultural and educational programs since the organization’s founding in 2007.

Appointed head of the COVID-19 people’s war commission established by Chairman Omali Yeshiela and the African PEople’s Socialist Party, Aisha has been responsible for leading the Uhuru movement’s COVID-19 response, organizing AAPDEP medical personnel to develop and distribute COVID-19 protocols and programs including an international telehealth program that offers African people worldwide the ability to make free virtual appointments with AAPDEP’s licensed medical professionals through Project Black Ankh.

An educator with more than 15 years of teaching experience, Aisha has worked extensively with African youth who have been pushed out of the public schools, teaching them math, science, and life skills.

As an African Internationalist, Aisha believes firmly that the skills possessed by African people do not belong to us as individuals, rather they belong to and must be used for the benefit of the suffering masses of African people around the world in our struggle for African freedom and self-government.

Elikya Ngoma

Haiti Editor, The Burning Spear Newspaper

Elikya Bwanya Ngoma is a member of the African People’s Socialist Party and African National Women’s Organization. Under the leadership of Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Elikya has written and composed music and anthems for the Uhuru Movement such as the Anthem of the African Nation, the Uhuru Medley and the African Nation Fight Song, which she will be performing.

Demetria Hester

ANWO ArrestCPS Parent Coordinator

Demetria Hester is a 48-year-old African, grandmother, mother, aunt, sister and friend originally from Memphis Tennessee currently living in Portland, OR. She is a longtime activist, fighting for justice. In 2012 Demetria was victimized by Washington CPS when her two children were removed from her care. She spent 3 years entangled in the CPS system, finally winning back custody in 2015. Traumatized by this experience Demetria is committed to contributing toward the destruction of the parasitic CPS institution. She is a Firm believer in Black community control and is organizing under ANWOs leadership to expose CPS state-sponsored kidnappings as a crime in Portland Oregon and beyond. Demetria is a member of the African People’s Socialist Party and a member of ANWOs ArrestCPS national committee as the family consultant, InPDUM member and Black Is Back member and a Uhuru Pies Volunteer.

She fought against white nationalist, Jeremy Christian, who in 2017 assaulted her on the train the day before he killed 2 people and wounded 1 person that was standing up to protect 2 African girls that were being attacked verbally by him. She also testified in 2018 to get Bill SB577 passed so there would be a hate crime law in Portland Oregon. She’s always been on the front line fighting for African Liberation. She will continue to fight and nothing will stop her. The African revolution is here and we can’t be stopped.

Michelle "Mwezi" Odom

Chair, AAPDEP Mental Health Committee

Michelle “Mwezi” Odom is a counseling educator and professional counselor with over 7 years of teaching experience at the graduate level teaching and training students in a community-based multicultural counseling education program that prepares Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors.

Mwezi has over 10 years experience serving in the fields of K-12 education and social services combined. She joined the Uhuru movement in 2020, is a member of the African People’s Socialist Party, and it’s mass organizations: InPDUM, ANWO and AAPDEP where she sits on the Healthcare Committee; serves as the Interim Economic Development Coordinator; and also chairs the Mental Health committee, which is responsible for developing mental health programs, returning her skills for the African working class. Mwezi is also a former athlete, and the mother of two beautiful daughters!

Ona Zene' Yeshitela

President, African People's Education and Defense Fund

Deputy Chair shoulders the responsibility to grow the African People’s Socialist Party’s Economic Front and provides economic programs for the masses of African people.

Deputy Chair Ona Zene’ has been a force of nature since assuming this position only nine years ago. When she declared that the African People’s Education and Defense Fund was the “Baddest Non-Profit on the Planet” we knew we were going somewhere!

She has provided the vision and leadership for expanding all of the Party’s economic campaigns and institutions such as:

Black Star Industries, One Africa, One Nation Marketplaces, the Africans One Billion Strong Donor Campaign, Uhuru Foods & Pies, the Uhuru Houses/Akwaaba Hall and the Uhuru Furniture and Collectible stores.

DC Ona also led in the development of new institutions such as:

  • Zenzele’ Consignment: Confident=Revolutionary-Style,

  • UZI: A Thread of Freedom,

  • NZO: African Style At Home and Abroad,

  • Uhuru Design Studio, nfiniti match Speed Dating, and many, many more.

She have developed and trained African leadership; promoting and rebranding all the Party institutions and economic campaigns with a clear African message, our institutions are contending with the colonial economy----they represent dual and contending power.

Deputy Chair Ona has carried out the vision of Chairman Omali Yeshitela and is the Architect of the Black Power Blueprint. DC Ona has been on the ground in St. Louis acquiring and renovating abandoned black community properties and creating programs and institutions for economic and political power in the hands of the African working class.

Deputy Chair’s bold vision has led to the development of all the institutions of the Party, some of which were established up to 40 years ago. She has brought vision and science all areas of work and stands as a champion of the African revolution.

Under DC Ona Zene’s leadership the Party is building a foundation of a liberated African economy!

Erika Clark


Having consistently held an active role as a healer dedicated to the wellbeing of her family, community building, and youth empowerment, Erika was led towards an educational background in Social Work. Throughout her studies of social work and time spent within colonized institutions of private universities and nonprofits, she has called out and identified the need for increased education surrounding transformative solutions, to aid in the liberation of all people. Striving for peace, dignity, and self-determination for all people. Erika has been dedicated to creating healing spaces FOR the people BY the people, not for access to the same things this oppressive system allows but for something greater. Indigenous Sovereignty and the right to self-determination through African Liberation guided by the leadership of the African Working Class.

Amanda Wallace

Co-Founder, Operation Stop CPS

Amanda Wallace received her Bachelor’s of Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. With a 10-year career as a Child Abuse Investigator, Amanda worked throughout several counties in North Carolina. While working on the frontlines protecting children from Abuse and Neglect, Amanda simultaneously protected families from the oppressive Child Protection System. Watching the rights of families decrease and the power of CPS increase, Amanda realized that she had become the silent enforcer for an oppressive system. It was then that Amanda understood the system and the perceived power given to CPS by society. As Co-Founder of Operation Stop CPS, Amanda has now dedicated her life to exposing the corruption of CPS while empowering families with knowledge.

Khwezi Radebe

ANWO Occupied Azania

Khwezi Radebe is a 23-year-old black woman who hails all the way from Durban, KZN and is a member of ANWO. She is an author and full-time revolutionary who believes in black economic freedom and empowerment. Political knowledge and interest are an inheritance from her father who is also a socialist and a revolutionary. She believes it is her duty as a black woman, to engage and act on the betterment of her fellow sisters in Occupied Azania and the rest of Africa.

Hada Dioula Longi

ANWO Uhuru Kijiji Childcare Collective Coordinator

Hada-Dioual Longi is an African woman born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ. Hada moved to the DC area to attend school and never left. She is a member of ANWO and coordinator of The Kijiji Childcare Collective. She is an author and mother of 3. Having been a victim of the system at an early age, she understands the importance of protecting and caring for African children. She identifies with the children who have been kidnapped and knows the plight of the parents fighting to regain their children from this oppressive, bureaucratic system as well.

Ragina Rage


A Parent, and Organizer originally from Portland, Oregon. Rage is best known for organizing around police abolition, housing and eviction defense. Rage co-organized The Red House Eviction Defense, participated in homeless outreach and mutual aide, led Anti Police marches and rallies, and coordinated Buy Black Markets all around the Portland Metro area. They also cofounded ReparationsBloc, a group that collects white generational wealth and redistributes it back into the hands of Black and Indigenous communities.

In July of 2021, Rage relocated to the Midwest and joined local organizers fighting police brutality in Wichita Kansas. Most recently Rage has taken the next step in their revolutionary journey by joining the African Peoples Socialist Party and African National Women’s Organization.

Najah Fleary

DeColonaise Social Media Coordinator

Najah Fleary is a pre-nursing student interning with ANWOs DeColonaise Hair and Body project as the Social Media Coordinator. At 24, Najah is also the CEO of EnVane Apparel Company which is an online retail store that caters to young women.

Jheanelle Owens

InPDUM Jamaica

Jheanelle Owens is an African poet and violinist who grew up in Jamaica. She attended Tufts University where she studied Computer Science. Jheanelle, who also goes by her stage name Yaasante, will be attending Virginia Tech to obtain her Ph.D. in Science Technology and Society. Since joining InPDUM, ANWO, and APSP, she has led several cultural events and written for the Burning Spear Newspaper. Her current position in the party is working as the secretary for Secretary-General Luwezi Kinshasa.

Kundai Bajikikayi

All African People's Development and Empowerment Project

Kundai Bajikikayi

AAPDEP International Volunteer Coordinator

Kundai is the international volunteer coordinator of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), a non-profit development organization founded by the Uhuru Movement in 2007. Kundai is also the assistant manager of Zenzele Consignment, 1 of over 50 economic projects led by the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).

As the AAPDEP Volunteer Coordinator, Kundai is responsible for recruiting and collectivizing the many skills of African people to participate in community-led health care, agricultural and educational programs on the continent of Africa and in various states within the US borders.

Kundai also serves as the primary Party force leading AAPDEP’s main economic project, Zenzele Consignment. Which has the mission to serve as the cultural, social and economic hub and vehicle for the local and international African (Black) community. Zenzele provides an economic vehicle through which people can Buy Black Power, organize and consign hand-made original African clothing, accessories, art, small household and personal care products, literature and other genuine African products in an effort to support practical programs that contribute to self-reliance and genuine development in African communities throughout the world.

Kundai graduated from Alabama State University in the Spring of 2017 with a Bachelor of Social Work. In Montgomery, Kundai, served as the social worker for an acute care group home for children for 3 years. Her experiences working in group homes and Therapeutic Foster Care, coupled with her own adverse childhood experiences drove her desire to seek out more practical solutions for the alarming gaps in mental health and family relationships specifically in black communities. The practices and theories she learned in the BSW and MSW programs never quite solved the social issues being experienced in the real world. Kundai’s extensive research in the area of Child Welfare presented her with offers for research positions at 2 County DHR offices in Alabama. Often finding herself in an internal “tug-of-war” between an oppressive law and what she found to be ethical, made working within this field difficult to process. In December of 2017 abandoned her petty-bourgeois aspirations by joining the African People’s Socialist Party. Kundai believes in a socialist future where Black people forcibly dispersed around the world will live under a United African Economy. As a Yeshitelite she believes revolution is the only solution to end the violent suffering of youth globally and create a single African government to work in the interest of our people.

Kendell Clay


Kendell Clay is gender fluid black female poet and activist. At just 15 years old she has been working towards black liberation since the day she was born. She believes that it is her responsibility to carry the torch, passed down from her family of activists, towards black freedom.