The Call to Attend

A Call to Anti-Imperialist African Women  & our Supporters

In a world where African women’s voices are often silenced, our histories erased, and our struggles marginalized, it is time to rise together in unity and strength. The time is now to join together in a collective struggle to transform a world pregnant with exploitation and oppression, into a world where we are free from colonial and neocolonial domination.  

As we ready ourselves for the 2024 ANWO Convention entitled, ‘African Women Taking a Stand Against Imperialism, Colonialism, and Neocolonialism,' let us recognize the stark realities we face. 

In the U.S., African women are pushed into the labor force at higher rates than other women, a rate which drastically increases for African women who are mothers.  

Additionally,  the infant and maternal mortality rates for African women and children worldwide are daunting, highlighting the toll that the colonial mode of production has taken on our ability to produce and reproduce human life.

Our sisters in Africa and the Caribbean head over 40% of households due to the constraints of colonialism and face some of the worst conditions imaginable. 

These statistics underscore the global plight of African women, rooted in the parasitic colonial capitalist economy.

In Africa, we witness both the rich heritage and ongoing exploitation that fuels our fight for true liberation. New imperialist-driven genocidal and displacement campaigns have emerged in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo where nearly one million people have been displaced by violence and over 500,000 people have been killed. 

We are tired of seeing ourselves as victims of colonial violence.  We are tired of our poor health outcomes.  We are tired of imperialists, colonizers, and neo-colonialists wreaking havoc in our lives, scattering us to the wind. 

This convention is where we find each other again. Where we begin building an indomitable wall against the forces of imperialism. It's a space where we strategize and unify action to create a future where justice, equality, and freedom flourish for African people.

African women represent more than half of the world's African population.  There can be no victory for African people against the forces of imperialism if African women are not organized and involved.

The ANWO Convention is not just a gathering—it's a call to action. It's where we will launch an international African women’s initiative that fosters African women network building and connects the anti-colonial struggles of African women and African women’s organizations worldwide.

Imperialism is in crisis.  Colonized people are resisting all over the world.  This is our time.  

We will forge alliances that transcend borders and continents. Our resolve to dismantle colonial capitalism is unwavering. Together, we will build a global coalition of African women, united in our fight for liberation.

The world awaits our unified resistance. African women must lead.  Let us rise together, fierce and unyielding, at the ANWO’s Convention: 'African Women Taking a Stand Against Imperialism, Colonialism, and Neocolonialism.' Our time is now.

We welcome individuals and organizations who are interested in building an aligned anti-imperialist, anti-colonial African women’s movement. 

Ask your employer, family, friends, places of worship, and civic or community organizations to send you as their spokesperson.  

African women from every city, town, province, country, island, and village must attend the ANWO Convention. Join virtually online or in person in St. Louis, Missouri USA from March 22- 24, 2024. 

In Unity and Resistance, 

Yejide Orunmila


African National Women’s Organization