Become an official sponsor of the Black Women's Convention

Join us at ANWO's Black Women's Convention on July 10-11, 2021.

We are calling for solidarity in the form of sponsorship for our 2021 Convention. As we lay the foundation for building our national headquarters and furthering our campaigns to empower African women all over the globe, we ask for the support of organizations that align with the mission of African Liberation.

ANWO serves as the organization that brings women into revolutionary practice and addresses the issues directly impacting African women under colonialism. We implore you to unite your fists in the form of financial resources and a message of solidarity by becoming a sponsor of the 2021 Black Women's Convention.

As a sponsor, you will encourage the attendance of your members and followers to the convention, promote the conference on your website and social media, create a video message of solidarity to be played during the conference and/or during the promotion of the convention, and donate financial resources to the convention and foundation of national ANWO headquarters. Please select your level of sponsorship below.

Video Message Instructions

Due June 25

  • Include Presenter name and position in supporting organization;

  • Information about organization; and

  • How organization unites with ANWO and the Black Women's Convention

Current Sponsors