Keynote Speakers

Chairman of the African Socialist International and founder of the Uhuru Movement.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela

From the day he ripped down the racist mural from the walls of City Hall in St Petersburg, Florida in 1966, Chairman Omali Yeshitela has never stopped fighting for freedom for African people everywhere. Mobilized in his youth by anti-colonial movements around the world and the struggle for black liberation inside the U.S., Yeshitela dedicated his life to uniting and liberating Africa and African people everywhere.In the heat of revolutionary struggle and during his early years as a political prisoner, Yeshitela was driven to discover the reasons why black people all over the world are impoverished and oppressed. Yeshitela developed the political theory of African Internationalism that understands the world through the eyes of the African working class.

President, African National Women's Organization

Yejide Orunmila

Yejide Orunmila has been the President of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) since it was founded in March 2015 by the African People's Socialist Party , an organization she has been a member of since 2009. ANWO was founded to address the specific oppression that African women face as part of the oppressed colonized African masses.

As the President of ANWO, Yejide is dedicated to lifting up the voices of poor and working class African women. She believes that ultimately what must be done to solve all of these issues is for African people to overturn our relationship to the current social system and that means that any struggle made towards liberation must include the full participation of African women.

Other Speakers and Presenters

Kundai Alongi Bajikikayi

Ona Zene Yeshietla

Nemah Bitsimi

Aisha Fields

Malika Alexander

Akile Anai'

Kalambayi Andenet

Gaida Kambon